"The only thing worse than training staff and having them leave, is when you don't train them and they stay"


Grateful thanks to Lee Cockerell, former Exec VP of Walt Disney World for his insights for leaders (3 downloadable documents)


'The Food Profit Formula for Pubs' consists of 7 chapters. Specifically designed this way, it allows you to choose whether to cover all 7 chapters, or pick individual ones that you feel to be the most important right now and move on to another chapter later.

As a reminder, the 7 chapters are listed below:

Course Chapters:

Chapter 1 [Food Proposition] – Shows you how to build a compelling and profitable food proposition

Chapter 2 [Commercials] – Shows you how to effectively control food costs and optimise menu prices for maximum gross profit

Chapter 3 [Quality] – Shows you how to deliver quality food presentation to a standard that will exceed expectation

Chapter 4 [Menu] – Shows you how to design a profitable menu that appeals to your specific customer audience

Chapter 5 [Pub Standards] – Shows you how to set appropriate pub standards that will exceed customer expectations

Chapter 6 [Teamwork] – Shows you how to develop highly productive employees who will deliver your goals

Chapter 7 [Marketing & Sales] – Shows you how to effectively market your pub at low cost to drive more sales

Which chapters are best for me?

Here's what we recommend...

New publican (you're taking on your first pub) - Completing all 7 chapters provides you with the full suite of what we call 'Pre-entry food training' to ensure that you have your compelling and profitable food offer up and running correctly and in the fastest possible time. You can work through the chapters at your own pace and at times that are most convenient for you. This training has been proven to help new publicans avoid making mistakes that lead to many pubs struggling to survive. This course guides you through the whole process and makes your future success much more certain.

Experienced Publican (you have experience of running your own pub but there are problems that need fixing) - Choose a single chapter that will help you deal with the problem of most concern to you.

NOTE: You have arrived on this page because you've clicked on Chapter 6 - Teamwork, so below we have provided some more detail to help you decide if this Chapter is what you need. If you wish to go back and look at ALL chapters (1 to 7) CLICK HERE

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Chapter 6 - Teamwork

This chapter considers how best to establish, develop and retain a staffing team that will deliver your business objectives. This includes developing a customer service ethic and strategies that can create a customer focused, positive and productive staff team. We all know good staff make a huge difference to a pub so in this chapter we look how at the most productive ways we can invest time and effort in our staff to grow and keep good staff.

So in this chapter we cover the following:

  • What key staff attitude characteristics are important and how do we identify them
  • Staff induction
  • Effective staff training
  • Food Hygiene
  • Complaint handling
  • Legal matters that need to be dealt with during staff training
  • Selling techniques
  • Customer care
  • Maintaining standards
  • Service process education
  • Food knowledge

In this chapter in a very practical way we use video, tools and some back up notes to make it easy for you to understand what needs to be done and how to do it. Afterwards you will be able to produce a quick list of key things that need to be addressed with your staff to improve service standards, that will in turn improve your customers experience in your pub.

So why is it so critical to get your pub standards right?

Your staff are your front line, they have the majority of interaction with your customers, you can have a great pub with a great food offer, but if you have poor staff this will be the weak link in the chain that will stop you from growing your business. We have all had experiences when a great member of staff looks after you that well you remember the great experience and are keen to return, I bet you have also vowed not to go back to some place because the service was poor, with staff who appeared not too care. It is critical your staff are aligned to your standards, vision and goals to help you not hinder you in your pursuit of your vision.

By using the video guidance and downloadable tools we provide, you are far more likely to have staff aligned to your vision and have happy customers who return time and time again.

If not Now, when?

Avoid leaving it to chance, avoid getting it wrong.

Learning by "trial and error" is by far, much more expensive in terms of your time, money and sleepless nights than the small investment in this course.

Ever heard the saying..."It's our decisions, good or bad that determines our future"? When you invest in yourself, you invest in your future.

Join us today and get everything you need to follow in the steps of the industry's most highly profitable pubs and make the future bright, profitable and enjoyable for both yourself, and your family.

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The Food Profit Formula for Pubs

Your Tutors:

Tony Aram - Independent Pub Food Development Trainer & Adviser. (former: Catering Director for Hungry Horse, Catering Strategy Manager for Whitbread, Food Strategy Manager for Ei Group, and Food Operations Manager for Tom Cobleigh)

Marcus Kilvington - Food Profitability, Sales & Marketing Specialist. (former: National Account Manager, Senior Sales trainer & Trade Sector Manager for Global & British brands; Knorr, Hellmann’s, Tetley, Twinings, Hall & Woodhouse, Rubicon Drinks)

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Chapter 6 (of 7) - Teamwork

Chapter 6 [Teamwork] – Shows you how to develop highly productive employees who will deliver your goals

Comparing poor service v good service


Comparing poor service v good service

Building repeat customer visits


Building repeat customer visits

The importance of teamwork and getting staff aligned to your vision


The importance of teamwork and getting staff aligned to your vision