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Fewer than 1 in 10 visits to a pub are now drink-only occasions. This means you must think about what you're offering food-wise, how you're drawing in locals and tourists, and what unique experience your pub provides" ~ The Morning Advertiser 2019

"In a tough economy, you can't afford to be an average performer. If you provide excellence in a world where excellence is rare, your success will skyrocket"

Lee Cockerell, former Exec VP of Walt Disney World - *Contributor to Chapter 6

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WHO is this for? 

It's not for everyone! This brand-new training course for 2020 is designed for Non-Managed Pub Operators, Owners, Leaseholders, Tenants, and Landlords, its essential for those considering entering the pub business for the first time.

WHY do non-managed pub operators need this support? 

1. Pub food is growing as a percentage (%) of the total UK pub sales mix and is forecast to continue growing. 

2. Managed house brands are increasing their share of the pub food eating out market. 

3. Many non-managed pubs are struggling to compete with managed house brands. 

4. Circa 40% of pub income in the UK is now from food sales, with managed-house operators reporting 60% plus of total pub income is now driven by customers whose main reason for visiting is to eat.  

WHO’s behind this? 

Tony Aram - Independent Pub Food Development Trainer & Adviser. (former: Catering Director for Hungry Horse, Catering Strategy Manager for Whitbread, Food Strategy Manager for Ei Group, and Food Operations Manager for Tom Cobleigh)

Marcus Kilvington - Food Profitability, Sales & Marketing Specialist. (former: National Account Manager, Senior Sales trainer & Trade Sector Manager for Global & British brands; Knorr, Hellmann’s, Tetley, Twinings, Hall & Woodhouse, Rubicon Drinks)

WHAT is it about?


'The Food Profit Formula for Pubs' consists of 7 chapters. Specifically designed this way allows you to choose whether to cover all 7 chapters or pick individual ones that you feel to be the most important right now and move on to another chapter later.

WHICH chapters are right for me?

Here's what we recommend...

New publican (you're taking on your first pub with a dream to achieve) - Choose the 7-course bundle which provides you with an invaluable source of information and resources which you can refer to at anytime. Described by many as the gold-standard for "Pre-entry" Pub Food Training you can have your compelling and profitable food offer up and running correctly in the fastest possible time and attracting loyal customers and repeat business into your pub. You can work through the chapters at your own pace and at times that are most convenient for you. This training has been proven to help new publicans avoid making mistakes that lead to many pubs struggling to survive. This course guides you through the whole process and makes your future success much more certain.

Experienced Publican (you're an experienced publican with a problem or an aspiration) - With your single most pressing problem or aspiration in mind, choose one of the 7 chapters that you feel is most relevant to help you fix that problem or achieve your aspiration. Once you've found success, you might want to choose another chapter as you find new confidence and capability from these trainings.

Course Chapters:

Chapter 1 [Food Proposition] – Shows you how to build a compelling and profitable food proposition

Chapter 2 [Commercials] – Shows you how to effectively control food costs and optimise menu prices for maximum gross profit

Chapter 3 [Quality] – Shows you how to deliver quality food presentation to a standard that will exceed expectation

Chapter 4 [Menu] – Shows you how to design a profitable menu that appeals to your specific customer audience

Chapter 5 [Pub Standards] – Shows you how to set appropriate pub standards that will exceed customer expectations

Chapter 6 [Teamwork] – Shows you how to develop highly productive employees who will deliver your goals

Chapter 7 [Marketing & Sales] – Shows you how to effectively market your pub at low cost to drive more sales

WHAT makes this different? 

This easy to follow and implement Food Profit Formula Course has been designed by UK industry recognised pub food specialists and business advisers around a fool-proof framework of the most effective trading improvements. It is the culmination of 30 plus years of unique industry insights and is definitively supported by market data and proven business cases.  

WHAT’s the benefit? 

 Your pub food and associated drink sales will be fully optimised to maximise profitability

WHAT is the Pub Trade itself saying?

Fewer than 1 in 10 visits to a pub are now drink-only occasions. This means you must think about what you're offering food-wise, how you're drawing in locals and tourists, and what unique experience your pub provides" ~ The Morning Advertiser 2019

"Once we understood the process and got started, it all fell into place. I wish somebody had bloody well taught us this before. We could be on a beach in the Caribbean now"

- Pete & Julie

"Learning this stuff changed my life. Being skeptical in the beginning would be an understatement. I was feeling depressed, now I feel enlightened"

- 'Doing much better' Dave

Tony Aram &amp;amp; Marcus kilvington, The Food Profit Formula for Pubs

Your Tutors:

Tony Aram & Marcus kilvington

We've both worked in the food and beverage industry for more than 30 years each. Over that time we've collected a wealth of knowledge and experience of WHY the vast majority of publicans struggle or fail, but also more importantly - WHAT the minority (highly profitable) pubs are doing differently, that sets them apart from the rest and...how you can be one of those too.

Tony Aram - Independent Pub Food Development Trainer & Adviser.

Marcus Kilvington - Food Profitability, Sales & Marketing Specialist.

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